How To Install Cydia Impactor on Windows 7 – Step By Step Guide.

Wondering how to install Cydia impactor on windows 7 and install it on your computer?. Well if the answer is yes then we are here to help you out. As we go further in this article we will be sharing a step by step guide that will definitely help you to get done with the installation process.

This steps will not just work on the Windows 7 based computers but these steps are also applicable on how to install Cydia Impactor on Windows 10. In simple words, this steps will work on any Windows based computer. So let’s just head into the steps without wasting much time:


Steps By Steps Guide on How To Install Cydia Impactor on Windows 7:

As you know Cydia Impactor is GUI tool that helps you to install IPA files on your Apple device. So here is the guide that talks about how to install Cydia impactor on windows 7 based computer.

  • First of all. You have to download the Cydia Impactor on your computer. You can do so by visiting the official website or by visiting this link.
  • Once you are done with the download create a folder on your Desktop.
  • Now copy the downloaded file to the folder that you have created.
  • Now you have to download the WinRAR. However, if you have this application installed on your computer already you can skip the next few steps.
  • In order to download the WinRAR visit this following link.
  • Download the file and install it by following the screen instructions.
  • Once you are done installing, now go back to the Cydia Impactor file.
  • RIght click on the Cydia Impactor file and extract it.
  • After extracting it will look something like the following screenshot:

how to install cydia impactor on windows 7

So that was all the steps on how to install Cydia impactor on windows 7. Just in case if you have any questions you can comment below.

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