Cydia Installer For Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod – Latest iOS Version.

cydia installer

Wondering where to get the latest version of Cydia Installer?. Well if your answer is yes then you are at the right place. Just read on and I will walk you through the whole processing. The Cydia install wizard will work for any Apple device that is running on the latest IOS version. The installer will also work for the old IOS versions. Just in case if you want to install Cydia on your old Apple device then you will be able to.

How To Download Cydia Installer On Your Apple Device:

However you can not download the Cydia installer directly on your Apple device and install it. So how to get through the installation process?. Well the only solution of this problem is the Jailbreak. As the Cydia application is not available on the Apple App store, and as you know you can not install third party apps on Apple device. So you have to jailbreak your device. After jail breaking you will get full access on your apple device. Also you will be able to install any other third party app available on the internet. Including the cydia apps. However, just in case if you are thinking to install cydia installer without jailbreak then you will not be able to do so. As Apple does not allows it.

Just in case if you do not have any idea, what is Cydia then here is quick definition that will clear your doubts.

What is Cydia?

If you know about the Apple App Store then you probably know what actually an app store is. Well Just like the Apple App Store, there is a Cydia app store. It is known as the best app store alternative for Apple devices. With the Cydia App store you will easily be able to download third party apps, free version of the paid apps, tons of extensions and so on.

Coming back to the Cydia installer guide. Well in order to install Cydia app store on your apple device, first of all Jailbreak your device. Once you are done jail breaking your device you can download the following Applications to get the Cydia Install wizard.

In Order to Get the Cydia Installer for iPhone X or for any other iPhone models you can click the following button:


In Order to get the Cydia Install wizard for Apple iPad or Apple iPad Mini. Or for any other Apple iPad’s you can click on the following button:


For Apple iPod’s you can click on the following button to get the Cydia Installer.


However before you start the jailbreak process. Make sure you are following the exact jail breaking method for your Apple device. As there is a different method for iPhone and iPad. So make sure you are following the correct method.

Just in case if you have any questions related to the Cydia Installer you can comment down.


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